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Former Green Bay Packer raises Wisconsin organ donation awareness

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Former Green Bay Packer runningback John Brockington and his wife, Diane met with Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling to discuss possible ways how to improve the situation with Wisconsin organ donation.

John Brockington, a former Green Bay Packer running back, has lived for the last 15 years with a kidney donated by his-then-friend Diane. In 2015, Darling lost her husband Bill while he awaited a transplant.

“Had I never been transplanted, this would have never happened,” John Brockington said about the foundation formed in his name. “I’d never thought about it. I never knew about this kind of thing.”

The Brockingtons were touched by the story of Oakfield Elementary School teacher Jodi Schmidt donating a kidney to Natasha Fuller, a student at the school. So the John Brockington Foundation is meeting with, and hosting, Jodi and Natasha at the Sept. 25 Packers game – a match honoring Packer alumni – versus the Detroit Lions.

Read the full article here.

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Source: Daily Tribune Wisconsin Rapids

Slate: Organ donation restrictions aren’t working

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A new column by double kidney recipient Sally Satel illuminates the way how the organ donation restrictions from the 1980s are counter-productive, and how new pilot programs that offer incentives for living kidney donors might improve the situation.

The pilots would test how various rewards resonate. Rather than large sums of cash, potential rewards could include a contribution to the donor’s retirement fund, an income tax credit or a tuition voucher, lifetime health insurance, a contribution to a charity of the donor’s choice, or loan forgiveness. Only the government, or a government-designated charity, would be allowed to distribute these benefits. (The funds could potentially come from the savings of stopping dialysis, which costs roughly $80,000 a year per person.) In other words, needy patients would receive kidneys regardless of their ability to reward donors out of their own pockets.

Read the full Slate column here.

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Source: Slate

Michigan organ donation event: “Donate Life in the D”

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Hundreds of people are expected to pack Campus Martius in Detroit, Michigan this Wednesday for a big organ donation event called: “Donate Life in The D.” Their goal is to highlight the need for more organ donors in Detroit, Wayne County and other multi-cultural communities.

Organizers will “thank those who have selflessly given gifts of life, celebrate the lives they’ve saved and lend hope to those who continue to wait. ”

Transplant recipients will team up for the free event with donor family members and donation organizations, transplant centers and the government, non-profit and business sectors. The public is encouraged to attend.

The event will highlight the fact that without donors there are no transplants.

If you wish to become a registered organ donor in Michigan, please register on our Michigan organ donation page. Source: WXYZ Detroit

Michigan organ donation: Baby needs a new heart

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Lisa and Howard Collins’ beautiful 10-month old grandson, Anderson Moreno, needs a new heart.

Anderson has been waiting in C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, since June 2 for what will be a lifesaver.

It’s been a difficult vigil for the entire family. Collins, who lives in Kimball Township, said she wants people to know there is a great need for organ donations and she wants people to register as donors.

“For ourselves, as adults, as we’re getting our licenses, we think about becoming donors as adults, but we don’t necessarily think about it for our children,” she said.

She said the family has been in touch with people at Mott about an organ donation.

“I can understand where parents might be hesitant to make that final decision to donate their child’s organs,” Collins said.

Collins said Anderson was diagnosed with a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.

“His left ventricle was enlarged and suppressing and had collapsed the left lung,” she said. “His heart had become so enlarged, there wasn’t an opportunity for it to go back to the size of what an infant’s heart should be.”

The family will have a fundraiser 7 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Bowl-O-Drome, 522 Quay St., Port Huron. The cost is $20 and includes two games of bowling and shoe rental. There also will be a raffle and 50/50 drawing.

If you wish to become a registered organ donor in Michingan, please register on our Michigan organ donation page.

Source: The Times Herald

Photo source: Lisa Collins

Indiana organ donation: 4,000 people become registered organ donors in honor of race car driver

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Four thousand people have signed up to be organ donors in honor of race car driver Bryan Clauson.

The 27-year-old Noblesville native died last month during a race in Belleville, Kansas when his vehicle was pushed into a fence, rolled multiple times, and hit by an oncoming car.

His organ donation saved five people.

“It was not lost on our family as we sat huddled around him, holding his hands, comforting him and each other, saying our last goodbye that five families were also sitting in a hospital room somewhere, comforting their loved one and each other while praying for a miracle that Bryan ultimately delivered for them,” wrote his family.

His family was inspired by the impact Clauson made on those recipient’s lives, and they started a campaign called “The Bryan Clauson Race to Save Lives.” The family’s goal was to encourage 2,000 people to sign up to be organ donors.

Incredibly, they surpassed the amount and 4,000 people signed up to be organ donors in Clauson’s honor.

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Source: Fox59

Photo source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Changes in the donated livers distribution system

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About 7,000 Americans every year receive a liver transplant — and with it, a new lease on life. But another 1,500 on the waitlist die before they are matched with a donor.

Now the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the agency that decides which patients receive donor organs, is planning to change the way livers are distributed across the country.

The current rule, which says that livers go to patients relatively close to where the donor died, has come under fire because it means that the chances of getting an organ can depend more on where you live than how sick you are.

The new rule, if approved, would instead allow regions with a high proportion of organ donors, relative to their local waiting list, to send livers to regions with a lower proportion of donors — even if that means a cross-country plane ride.

Read more about the different opinions about the new livers distribution system system here.

Source: BuzzFeed

Family finds solace in deceased 15-year-old son’s organ donations

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Luke David Bautista grew up in Wall Township, New Jersey and attended Wall High School. He was an aspiring drummer and video producer. His dad says that Luke brought love, laughter, and light to everyone he came in contact with.

Luke died at the age of 15 this past spring after an automobile crash. But his light continues to shine within the people he has saved through the donation of his heart, liver, both kidneys, pancreas and descending thoracic aorta, which will be grafted to construct dialysis ports for 25- to 0 people.

He was also able to make skin and bone donations, which will enhance the lives of up to 75 others.

Luke’s dad, Chris Bautista, says “Luke is truly a hero in the eyes of his family and friends because of the way he lived his life and the impact he had on so many people. He was ordinary in many ways, but he made every moment of his life count and he was never afraid to be himself. He took time every day to make other people smile.”

This weekend, Team Luke ran in the NJ Sharing Network 5K to not only honor Luke’s memory by celebrating his life, but also to applaud what he was able to give.

Organ donations in New Jersey can still be made here.

Source: NJ101.5

Photo source: The Bautista Family

New York organ donation: Teens can now join in

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More teens in New York State will soon have the right to choose organ donation thanks to a new bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The bill authorizes 16- and 17-year olds to state their intent to make posthumous organ donations. Parents or legal guardians are allowed to rescind the authorization should the minor die before the age of 18.

“With thousands of New Yorkers still waiting for the gift of life, we continue to focus on making organ and tissue donations available to all those in need,” Cuomo said. “By authorizing 16- and 17-year-olds to make the selfless decision to become an organ donor, we take another significant step to grow the state’s Donate Life registry and create opportunities to save lives.”

Prior to the new legislation that will take effect in early 2017, the minimum age for organ donation was 18. Other states, like Pennsylvania, allow teens to sign up when they apply for a driver’s license or learner’s permit with the caveat that parents have the final say if their child dies before the age of 18.

If you wish to become a registered organ donor in New York, please register on our New York organ donation page.

Source: Metro

Upcoming 5K run aims to increase New Jersey organ donation awareness

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Following successful events earlier this year in Paramus and New Providence, the NJ Sharing Network is reaching out to the Lincroft area with a 5K race to spread its mission of saving and enhancing lives through organ and tissue donation.

The NJ Sharing Network, which has served New Jersey’s 14 northernmost counties for nearly 30 years, is a federally designated organ procurement organization affiliated with 54 hospitals across the state.

Their 5K, sponsored by the group’s charitable foundation, is coming up on Sunday, Aug. 21, at Brookdale Community College.

In addition to race participants, NJ Sharing Network volunteers will be gathering in support of the cause.

Day-of registration opens at 8:30 a.m. on the 21st. To sign up now, or to find out more about the race and the NJ Sharing Network, visit

If you wish to become a registered organ donor in New Jersey, please register on our New Jersey organ donation page.

Source: New Jersey 101.5

Racer’s organ donation helped five people

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Dirt-track racer Bryan Clauson has left a legacy that will extend far beyond his success in auto racing.

Clauson died Sunday night from injuries he sustained in a crash in Belleville, Kan. USAC President and CEO Kevin Miller told reporters it was “one of the darkest days in the 60-year history of the United States Auto Club. Not only have we lost one of our greatest USAC champions, we’ve lost a true ambassador for all motorsports.”

But Clauson’s family said in a Facebook post that he was an organ donor and that five people had received an organ.

“One of the gifts that Bryan gave us while we sat next to him praying for some good news, was the moment we found out that he was an organ donor. It shouldn’t have surprised us. All of us have felt Bryan’s generosity throughout his life. The gift of life is the most amazing gesture and Bryan will live on not only through us and all the people he touched along the way, but from the lucky individuals that will benefit from Bryan making a decision to be a donor”, said his family in the Facebook post.

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Source: The Kansas City Star.

Photo source: Rainier Ehrhardt – AP

Bride walks down the aisle with man who received her father’s donated heart

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A bride in Pennsylvania was walked down the aisle by the man who received her murdered father’s heart in a transplant 10 years ago.

In 2006, Michael Stepien was shot and killed while walking home from work, but this didn’t stop him from attending his daughter’s wedding recently, because Jeni (Stepien, now Lynne) invited the man who received her father’s donated heart to walk her down the aisle, and it made for the most incredible day.

Arthur Thomas, 72, was close to death when a suitable heart was found. It was Michael’s heart, and the donation saved his life. Thomas wrote a thank you note to the family and they remained in touch over the years, so when Jeni wrote him a letter asking if he’d walk her down the aisle, he proudly honored her request. “What greater honor could a person have than walking the daughter of the man who’s given his heart to him,” he told KDKA. “I can’t imagine a greater honor.”

Watch the full story here:

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Source: Bored Panda

Photo source: Lauren Renee