Indiana organ donation: 4,000 people become registered organ donors in honor of race car driver

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Four thousand people have signed up to be organ donors in honor of race car driver Bryan Clauson.

The 27-year-old Noblesville native died last month during a race in Belleville, Kansas when his vehicle was pushed into a fence, rolled multiple times, and hit by an oncoming car.

His organ donation saved five people.

“It was not lost on our family as we sat huddled around him, holding his hands, comforting him and each other, saying our last goodbye that five families were also sitting in a hospital room somewhere, comforting their loved one and each other while praying for a miracle that Bryan ultimately delivered for them,” wrote his family.

His family was inspired by the impact Clauson made on those recipient’s lives, and they started a campaign called “The Bryan Clauson Race to Save Lives.” The family’s goal was to encourage 2,000 people to sign up to be organ donors.

Incredibly, they surpassed the amount and 4,000 people signed up to be organ donors in Clauson’s honor.

If you wish to become a registered organ donor in Indiana, please register here.

Source: Fox59

Photo source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images