Top 8 reasons why you should register to be an organ donor

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Top 8 reasons why you should register to be an organ donor:

1) You can be a superhero by saving up to eight lives.

That’s right. If you donate your organ, you can save up to eight lives. Furthermore, you can enhance up to 50 more lives. These are people with names: children, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts… The most special thing is that, in a way, if you donate your organs, you continue living even after you pass away.

2) People really, REALLY, need your organs.

Maybe you’ve heard it in the news: more than 120.000 Americans are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and unfortunately this number is increasing. Statistically, 18 people will die each day waiting for an organ.

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3) It’s FREE to register and donate your organs. It is absolutely free to donate your organs and you and your family will not have to pay any costs related to the donation.

4) All major religions approve of organ donation.

Organ donation is consistent with the beliefs of all major religions. With the exceptions of Shinto, some branches of Judaism and some Protestant faiths, all major religions support the saving of lives via organ donation.

5) It is super-easy to become an organ donor.

All you have to do is fill out an online Donor Registration form.

6) Any age is the right age.

There are no age limits to organ donation, even people in their 90s have donated organs. Even if you’re under age 18, your parents can give their consent knowing that it’s what you wanted.

7) Some people could move again – thanks to your tissues!

If you decide to give your tendons, ligaments, bones and other soft connective tissues, you will enable someone to walk, run, dance and jump again!

8) Giving the gift of life.

You won’t be needing your organs after you pass away, but you can save someone else’s life! In a way, you will live on even after death, and the person who’ll receive the gift of life will be infinitely grateful to you and your family.