What is Every Organ Donor?

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Every Organ Donor is a socially responsible innovation project by Albert Edison Inc. that aims to encourage everyone to become an organ donor, and to raise awareness about organ donations on a daily basis, through providing educational and inspirational content on how this noble deed gives a miraculous second chance at life.

Every Organ Donor firmly believes that organs belong in people, not the ground, because thousands of people die every year waiting for a donor organ that never comes. Understanding the incomparable power of a single donor, Every Organ Donor makes an ongoing effort to inspire a change and, thus, continuously contribute to giving the gift of life.

As an ongoing initiative, Every Organ Donor is driven by the following striking set of numbers: There are about 6,744 deaths in the US every day, and yet a single organ donor can save up to 8 lives and enhance many more through tissue donation. If we all become Organ Donors, we will save 53,952 lives a day, 377,664 a week, and 1,672,512 a month.

Share your organ donor story now, raise awareness, and donate the unparalleled gift of life.

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